Mission & Vision

Our Mision

To produce skilled technical manpower with comprehensive knowledge of engineering principles and with a multidisciplinary approach to combat the rapidly changing technology. Who will also be responsible as well as noble individuals and prove themselves as worthy not only to their workplace but also more importantly worthy citizens of our country with indispensable human qualities.

Our Vision

As an institute we are dedicated to following a student-centric approach to being one of the best educational institutions in the eastern zone, aided by modern state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure. This can be achieved by placing utmost value on quality education using the latest interactive teaching techniques and technology, consultancy and strong corporate linkage. There is also a focus on inculcating discipline and confidence through life-skills such as leadership, team work, time management and communication skills.

At AIEM-P we aim for our students to achieve their potential by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses and helping them discover their true calling, giving them a sense of purpose so they start each day with enthusiasm and a desire for further improvement.

The institute aims to organise local community outreach programmes for the betterment of society and learning shall be focussed towards environmental sustainability, both of which shall increase the value of our students as prospective candidates in the workplace.